Social media for businesses

Effective social media methods for companies

Social media communication is an integral part of corporate communication today. Isn’t it? The reality at small and medium-sized companies is different. Social media have been introduced, mostly chaotically or without any strategy. Social media communication is today used more privately, neglected or even forgotten after a while, especially by small and medium-sized companies. However, a well structured social media communication with a minimal strategy offers much more than just pictures of company parties and product advertising.

Social media methods are still not understood in medium-sized businesses

Social media must be integrated into the daily process of marketing, sales and corporate management in order to generate success. This insight has been a central theme at many congresses and in specialist articles right from the start. All conceivable methods in the social communication environment were quickly introduced and usually discontinued after a short time. According to surveys, the statement “social media does not work” was the most frequently mentioned.

From requirements analysis to social media management

The way in which social media methods should be introduced must meet at least two requirements: Productivity and optimisation of the time resources one wants to spend on it. Social media can be integrated into daily marketing as a pure brand communication method, just like classic marketing methods. This decision will not be taken away from you. Once the decision has been made, a concept and a digital communication strategy must be developed. Questions could be (not a complete list of questions):

  • Which social media channels do you already use (also the how and why)?
  • What information do you currently disseminate in these networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, XING, …)?
  • Why and for what purpose do you currently disseminate news and information?
  • Do you know your target groups and their reading behaviour (e.g. do you read your target groups in the morning, in the evening or throughout the day)?
  • Do you use keywords (e.g. on your website, in your messages) to communicate effectively with potential target groups?
  • What do you intend to do with this type of marketing communication?
  • Do you use methods like Google AdSense or AdWords and why?

These questions alone can lead to documentation that enables you to identify effective methods from the social media environment.

Content-Syndikation und Selektion als Basis Ihrer Social Media Aktivitäten

Experience shows that one of the main difficulties in social media activities is time and resource management. Finding good content, preparing it for the target groups and integrating it optimally into your daily activities is the basis for long-term success in every social media concept. You also need an optimized preparation of information that you should (or must) read yourself. Content syndication and selection, based on your requirements, provides the basis for interesting news, information and brand communication. Automatisms in the environment of information dissemination must already be taken into account here.

Development of automatisms and social media monitoring and dashboards

In this phase, all your social media accounts are integrated into one tool, optimized and equipped with publishing automatisms. Planning in this phase also requires a concentrated use of desktop and mobile applications, which enable you to send information via social networks at any time and any place.

Again and again we are asked how quickly these methods achieve effects, such as support in acquiring new customers. There are no general target corridors here, as it depends on your target groups (e.g. online affinity), your information quality, your web presence (SEO, landing pages, etc.) and your consistency in marketing communication. Our projects show that after only 1 to a maximum of 3 months, success is achieved in the sense that enquiries, feedback and contacts increase continuously and sales successes become apparent. Social media can and is increasingly becoming a key element of comprehensive corporate communication, but so far only large brands and corporations have recognized this.