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How the SocializerHub Content Studio works:

  • 1

    Answer the questionnaire

    In this we will ask you some questions that will help us to find and create suitable content for you.

  • 2

    Start of content research

    During the research we search through all our sources and expand them with more if needed.

  • 3

    Narrowing down the results

    As soon as we receive the first results from the research, we check and narrow down the results.

  • 4

    Content creation and much more

    In the last step we use all results and the SocializerHub creates suitable content for you.

These are your advantages with the SocializerHub Content Studio

Time savings

Automation relieves you of time-consuming work steps and saves you valuable time.

Cost savings

Our approach enables us to produce high quality content at low cost.

Work made easier

We have made many work steps as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the important things.

Content from your own sources

You have your own content? No problem! We can also use these and prepare them for you so that you only have to release them for publication.

Content from sources of the SocializerHub

In addition, the SocializerHub creates contributions from external sources so that you are constantly present on the social media.

SocializerHub® Content Studio

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Do you have any questions?

Perhaps your question is already answered in our FAQs.

1. What are possible sources?

Content comes from a wide variety of sources. These can come from the entire Internet. Nevertheless, we always make sure that they are trustworthy and distribute relevant content. In this way we can ensure that the content is always of high quality and provides a good basis.

2. May these contents be used?

These contents may be used as normal and there are no restrictions. Nevertheless, in every contribution from an external source, reference is always made to the original source.

3. Can I check the content?

Each entry is posted to our dashboard for approval, so each of these entries must be reviewed. So you have the security that they always meet your requirements and we have the security that no false content is published.

4. Can I edit content afterwards?

You can edit content at any time and exchange all components. Also, no content will be published without your approval or release. So you always have control over what happens and don’t have to worry.

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