8 tips for more range on Instagram

How can I increase my reach on Instagram with just 8 simple tips?

Constantly changing algorithms, new guidelines and the constant competition make it not always easy, especially for beginners, to get started on Instagram. Especially during the first steps on Instagram so many things can go wrong and the successes fail to appear. Soon frustration is high and the own profile is shut down. At the same time Instagram offers so many possibilities to market yourself, to address potential new customers and to increase your own reach. Even with simple means you can take your social media marketing to a new level and achieve success.

To help you get started, we have put together 8 tips and tricks on how to increase your Instagram and build new followers.

Little time? Here you will find the short summary!

1. Shine with your content

On Instagram you are measured by the quality of your content. Every day users of Instagram are inundated with thousands of images and videos, so it is not always easy to stand out. But this is exactly where your chance lies. Think about how you can attract attention with creative ideas and quality. As a purely visual medium, your content on Instagram is the basis for all further steps. A simple rule of thumb is always to ask yourself before publishing if you would “liken” this post.

2 .Your profile is your business card

With your profile you have the possibility to convince users of your services. Therefore it should always contain the most important elements and explain briefly and simply what you do and what you offer. Instagram offers you several possibilities for this:

  • Describe yourself or your company briefly and concisely
  • Add a profile picture with recognition value
  • Place a link to your website
  • Convert your profile into a Business Profile (Why do you find out here)
  • Add your number, address and email for easy contact

3. Your target group on Instagram

When you think of online marketing, the target group also comes to mind. After all, what’s the point of all that effort if you miss your target group and don’t achieve any effects.

The first question you should ask yourself is, who or what is my target group?

Here in particular, our experience has taught us that many people lack the time for a precise target group definition. We have created a template for exactly this purpose, which allows you to find out your target group easily and quickly.

4. Interact or not interact? (To interact or not to interact)

Building a follower on Instagram is relatively simple with a few tips and tricks, but it is a challenge to keep it with your brand for a long time. There are countless accounts on Instagram with 1,000+ followers, but only few make the leap to 5,000+ or even 10,000+ followers.

This raises the question, what is the difference between these accounts?

The difference lies in how good the profile and content is and how the interaction is towards the followers. A short reaction to a picture of one of your followers and a short comment has never hurt. It shows your followers that you are interested in them and keeps calling you back to the screen. Try to invest 15-20 minutes daily and start a communication to your target group. This is exactly what social media were created for and offer you the opportunity to build a strong bond.

5. The right time to post

You now have the perfect picture, already built followers, a great profile and yet your post gets fewer likes and comments than you thought. Why is that?

In 90% of the cases, the picture was simply put online at the wrong time.

Our experience has shown us that on Instagram a correctly chosen time is half the battle. To save you work, we have analyzed 200,000 Instagram posts to find the right time. Enclosed you will find our results:

  • During the week between 17:00 and 19:30
  • At the weekend from 19:00 to 21:00

The best day to publish a post is Tuesday, the worst Saturday.

Important: These times may vary depending on the industry and target group and do not take into account external influences such as holidays, events, etc. In order to determine the right time for posts, we use real-time analyses at our customers’ sites and redefine this time again and again.

6. Hashtags are more important than you think!

Basically, the search algorithm on Instagram works on the basis of hashtags, which is why they play an incredibly important role. By means of correctly set and defined hashtags you can give your posts a greater reach and make them findable.

In general, we speak of four different types of hashtags in our industry, all of which play an important role. In the following we have listed them and briefly explain the differences:

  • Branded Hashtags: These are hashtags that have a direct reference to you or your brand. It is important to note that branded hashtags are only meant for your followers and fans. Examples: #runonclouds (©OnRunning) #WantAnR8 (©Audi) #IceBucketChallenge (©The ALS Association)
  • Timed Hashtags: These are hashtags which refer to a temporary event. Examples: #worldcup2018 #Mother’s Day #FridaysForFuture
  • Evergreen Hashtags: These are hashtags that always work because of their wide distribution. The only important thing is to use hashtags that have a direct reference to your industry. Examples: #Ecommerce #Marketing #Instagood
  • Niche hashtags: These are hashtags that describe one’s own thoughts or actions or have a very close connection to only one industry. Examples: #knitting fun #archisketcher #streetphotography

We recommend that you put together a mix of the different hashtag categories. That way you will achieve the most coverage.

7. Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories you can quickly and easily update your followers about what is happening in your company. An incredibly useful feature that opens up a new perspective on you and your company for your followers. You can also provide additional information and promote your recently published posts.

Our tip, convey an insight into your everyday life and film yourself again and again throughout the day. This way your followers can accompany you throughout the day.

8. Place advertising on Instagram

Through targeted advertising you can offer your advertising messages a wide reach and reach users who do not follow you but fit into your target group profile. You do not have to invest a lot of money. Even a small budget of £25 to £50 per month can work wonders and help you achieve your goals.

Don’t forget that, especially when advertising on social media, a precise definition of your target group is crucial and makes the difference between success and failure. Only invest money if you know who you want to reach.


With a few simple tricks, you can quickly achieve success on Instagram. Often only small adjustments are necessary to get your performance rolling. Never forget that staying tuned and creating continuity is your key to success.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please send us a message!

Short summary

  • Pay attention to the quality of your content. Quality is more important than quantity!
  • Design your profile as appealing and informative as possible.
  • Define exactly your target group and how you can reach them.
  • Communicate with your target group. A bond is created through exchange.
  • Choose the right time to publish posts.
  • Hashtags are your best friend on Instagram!
  • Use the story function on Instagram to give your followers a new perspective.
  • Advertise on Instagram. Even a small budget of £25 – £50 can make a big difference!